AKAI Contributors

We are grateful for the hard work and dedication of the amazing Contributors who donated their heart and soul to collaborate with us in bringing AKAI to life. The professionals below have contributed by volunteering their time, talents and vision either pro bono or at drastically reduced rates to help build the AKAI brand and community. We appreciate each of you for paying it forward to support others on their own journey of living an inspired life. These contributors embody the AKAI difference and we give a big shout out of appreciation for their giving spirits. 

Corey Schlittenhar

Nature is entirely what inspires me to get behind the lens.

Exploring new terrain and testing my physical limits is where it started but capturing these moments came second. I am ultimately seeking bliss from the solitude of the wilderness and the adrenaline of gravity. There is always the question of what is around the next river bend and that’s what keeps my fire lit.



Kristian Ranker