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I am a breast cancer survivor. I have included AKAI CBD in my daily routine for three years now. I initially took it to promote a sense of calm and help me to sleep.

Christi S

A dose of the Nourishing Oil Drops eases my mind and nerves to a place of relaxation and sleep. I wake up feeling good and ready to step into my day. A restful night's sleep is true bliss to me.


AKAI CBD has been the main thing that has helped me with the recovery of my snowboarding injury. AKAI CBD relieves my discomfort and anxious thoughts close to a “0”.  It’s been 6 weeks and surprisingly I am able to do handstands and yoga again. Not to mention I’ll be back on my board again in 3 days. This product works and if you’re looking for support from an injury, I highly suggest it

Javi D

I have tried at least 3 other brands of CBD capsules. Akai has been the absolute best for me. It helps with my discomfort from joint and muscle soreness. My anxious thoughts are non-existent. They are the best in the business!

Jennifer C.

I was in bad shape a couple of years ago and was seeking support to help me regain strength, flexibility, and relief. I love to surf, skateboard, and ride motorcycles.  I'm happy I found AKAI CBD products because they have helped me feel balanced and supported to once again live the life I love.

Lucky L

Twenty-five years ago my life was changed forever by an accident, yet despite my injuries, I continue to push my limits as a professional sponsored athlete. I have found support and relief from multiple conditions with AKAI CBD products.

Jeff D

I have experienced numerous emotionally traumatic and physical injuries in my life. AKAI CBD products have truly been my lifesaver, I notice that my inner peace has increased while my physical discomfort levels have decreased.

Shelly C

After years of college rugby I suffered from post-traumatic seizures accompanied by a general sense of anxious thoughts. AKAI CBD products have helped me feel more balanced and at ease, providing a new sense of calm.