Thriving During Life's Changes


Keri Lee is a world touring 20+ year veteran of the music industry. Starting in Seattle radio during the Grunge era, then onto the longest-running music tour, Van's Warped Tour. 

Within that touring family, I was able to travel the world on multitudes of tours and festivals working in operations and production. I received a lot of joy and inspiration while on the road with my extended touring family, surrounded by so many creative people, of all types, ages, professions, and musical genres. 

In 2016 I was challenged with breast cancer which then metastasized into brain cancer. Three surgeries later I’m still fighting. Although it put a temporary halt to touring, the challenge is in front of me, so I’m facing it with a positive attitude and support from family and friends. 

As part of my healing journey, I've tried numerous CBD products before and after I was introduced to AKAI. However, it was an easy decision to confirm AKAI as “my brand of choice”. I’m a huge fan of the founders philosophies, continued research, passion & forethought within each product, and purity of ingredients. 


AKAI WORKS and it’s the only CBD on the market that I’ll use.

Like many others going through medical treatment, my body is full of toxic chemicals, poisons and radiation exposure. AKAI has really helped my mind, body and soul.  The Body Balance Capsules help to clear my head fuzz while easing anxiety & depression and my body feels more comfortable with digestion, nausea, and weariness.

In addition to the Body Balance Capsules, I also use the Zena Glow Facial Serum, which is so wonderful and gives a moisturizing youthful glow and nourishes my skin irritations. The Nourishing Oil Drops Tincture helps right my mood along with other discomforts, and the Soothing Cream helps my aches and pains associated with the other side effects of medications. The Restorative Hemp Massage Oil is new to me and I’m finding that it’s amazing for everything. I apply to my scars which helps soothe and heal. I LOVE AKAI so much and truly don’t know what I’d feel like without using it both internally and topically.

I’m a “Believer” and trust my “Intuition” that the universe will provide as ordered.

My fourteen-year-old labrador, Gypsy Rose Lee, has arthritis, prone to hip dysplasia and has joint pain due to age. Gypsy loves to get out and walk so I give her AKAI Body Balance Capsules, as well as, the Nourishing Oil Drops Tincture in her food. I’ve noticed a big difference with her walking abilities with more ease in movement and keeping her quality of life at its best. Her coat is also silkier which makes me very happy. 
 Going through cancer, or any other life-threatening illness, is a mind screw. You know this foreign entity is creeping and growing in your body. I try not to imagine “it” thriving, so I don’t go into a mentally dark place. I do my best to stay positive throughout. It’s a challenge but I never let the dark overshadow what I want to accomplish in life. 
I think it's important for us, especially with all the current odd world circumstances, to remember to live inside every single second and find gratitude. I'm trying to recognize that each day is to be celebrated in one way or another. I’m opening my heart for self and others, remembering to be kind, and to find “some level of happiness" in event moment. I don’t want to waste my time & energy being negative.

Each living day is inspiring. I’m finding inspiration in small things I once took for granted. Being in nature, at the ocean, in the garden, smelling flowers, hearing music, all inspire me to be creative within myself.

In my pursuit to inspire others I’m doing my best to foster positivity in conversations and encourage people to get in tune with their passions and uncover possible health issues. Luckily my immediate group of friends live by the same philosophies, so we hold each other up becoming a circle of inspiration and wellness.

I’m a “Believer” and trust my “Intuition” that the universe will provide as ordered.  I believe in myself and that I’m taking steps towards the next exciting chapter in life, while allowing my intuitive sense to guide me. We must each do our best to be open, listen, feel and process.

AKAI really does build a path towards my personal well-being. I’m a lifelong supporter and feel lucky to have AKAI part of my day to day routine. Thank you AKAI.

LIVE INSPIRED. Live inside every moment and find gratitude within.  Be your true self. Keep growing.