Slow and Steady CBD

When it comes to CBD capsules not all are created equal. It’s not just what’s on the inside that counts—the capsule shell that delivers your cannabinoids and other hemp plant therapy nutrients is just as important as its contents.

While many capsules dissolve in the stomach, stomach acid can actually change the forms of certain cannabinoids—and not for the better. You may end up losing out on some of the benefits—which kind of defeats the purpose of taking one in the first place, right?

To get the most out of your AKAI LIFE Body Balance Capsules, we utilize delayed-release (or “DR”) capsules that bypass the stomach and break down in your small intestine, one of the best places in your body for cannabinoids & hemp plant therapy nutrients to be absorbed. Since they are designed to pass through your stomach without dissolving, delayed-release capsules help keep these plant nutrients in their intended, most natural forms. And, added benefit: they’re no-nausea designed for those who may be sensitive to ingested cannabinoids. Because they don’t break down in your stomach, you don’t have to take them with food.

We use a vegan delayed-release capsule shell for our Body Balance Capsules.The ingredient formulation inside the capsule are specifically chosen to be the most readily available in the small intestines resulting in increased absorption and greater bioavailability. This equates to greater effectiveness.

Our capsule shell manufacturer has done a series of studies to test their delayed-release product—from exposing them to simulated gastric fluid to having people swallow one filled with (safe!) radio-opaque compounds, then x-raying them to make sure that the capsule didn’t dissolve until after making its way through the stomach. The tests showed that compared to traditional capsules which release almost all of their contents into the stomach after only one hour, that their capsule shell smoothly dissolves over a three-hour period—creating a slow, gentle release of contents that mimic the way your body digests food.


Quicker isn’t always better. When choosing a CBD Capsule, slow and steady (capsules) win the race.


At AKAI LIFE we manufacture our own capsules (no white labeling someone else’s product) and utilize only the best formulations, ingredients and delivery systems. Selecting the highest quality, vegan delayed-release capsule shells provides increased effectiveness and support for relief when you need it most. We strive to offer you the best Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD products designed to support your FEEL GOOD, LIVE INSPIRED lifestyle.