Sourced for our ZENA GLOW FACIAL SERUM, Organic Bulgarian Rosa Damascena Oil (Rose Otto), has a rich molecular composition making it one of the most beneficial essential oils for skin and personal care products. It is widely sought after for its strong healing, restoring and anti-aging properties, adding vitality and balance to your skin.

 Our Organic Rose Oil is certified according to the strict USDA, National Organic Program standards, and are grown without the u se of pesticides, herbicides, or any other harmful additives.

Rose oil is steam distilled by a special technology and has a pale-yellow color. The primary base notes are deep, sweet and floral with spicy middle notes. 

Customer Reviews:

Absolutely Wonderful!    This ZENA GLOW FACIAL SERUM is heaven in a bottle! My skin is nourished after applying it on my face neck and chest, plus it leaves a supple feeling and glow! I love wearing it alone or under makeup, it is the PERFECT go-to for my face :).  -Vanessa M.
 Love love my new serum!  I’ve been purchasing expensive creams and serums for years! As soon as applied AKAI LIFE ZENA GLOW I was hooked! My skin is instantly brighter and more hydrated. Love it!   -Bobbi H. 


“Our focus is the production of the highest quality organic Bulgarian Rose Oil available on the world markets. We employ well-known experts who monitor and manage the rose cultivation, harvesting, and rose-oil production. We meticulously select our rose plants; hand-pick the rose blossoms and distill the precious rose essential oil. Our rose plantations are certified by the Bulgarian Government-appointed laboratory at the Research Institute for Roses, Aromatic, and Medicinal Plants to ensure that our organic essential rose oil meets and exceeds all International Organic Standards. Our direct involvement and strictly controlled process from cultivation and harvesting to distillation, ensure that our rose oil is one of the very finest on the market -100% pure, USDA, NOP certified organic, free of harmful pesticides, herbicides and insecticides.”


For centuries, Bulgaria has been the country producing world’s highest quality rose oil. In Bulgaria, the first rose plantations appeared around the town of Kazanlak in 16th century. The climatic and soil conditions of the Kazanlak area proved to be more favorable than any other place. Gradually the number of rose plantations grew occupying a large area in central Bulgaria, known as the Valley of Roses. For more than 400 years, the Bulgarian Rose Valley has been considered the world center for rose oil production. Surrounded by two majestic mountains, the Balkan Mountain and Sredna Gora, the Valley of Roses is considered to have the best soil structure, air humidity, cloudiness and precipitation for obtaining the finest and most sought-after rose oil in the world. The mesmerizing Valley of Roses is also the home to our suppliers rose plantations.


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.