MCT Coconut Oil, Organic Borage Oil, Pure CO2® Full-Spectrum Non-GMO Hemp Extract, Non-GMO Vitamin E, Organic Sunflower Lecithin, Organic Fair-Trade Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Oil, Organic Peppermint Oil, Rebaudioside-A.

MCT Oil: Studies on MCT Oil have shown benefits such as increased energy, endurance, metabolism, satiety, and brain function.

Organic Borage Oil: The essential fatty acids in borage oil are useful for healthy metabolic functions. Fatty acids have been shown to support optimal brain function and help to maintain bone, skin, and hair health. Borage oil is the richest natural source of gamma-linolenic acid or GLA. GLA is a polyunsaturated omega-6 fat that helps keep your skin and joints nourished.

Non-GMO Vitamin E: Studies on Vitamin E mixed tocopherols have shown that it can provide antioxidant, immune, inflammatory and cardiovascular support.

Organic Fair-Trade Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Oil: A study published in the 2011 issue of the “European Journal of Pharmacology” found that the vanillin content found in vanilla extract had anti-inflammatory properties, as well as liver-protective properties.